Services and Fees

Stella is experienced and adept in handling a wide range of both civil and commercial disputes:

  • Property Disputes including boundary and right of way disputes;
  • Landlord and Tenant (commercial and residential) disputes;
  • Construction Disputes;
  • Partnership Disputes;
  • Professional Negligence Claims;
  • Personal Injury Claims;
  • Contentious Probate disputes;
  • Neighbour disputes.

The fees below are a guide only as all fees are negotiable


Amount of Claim Fee per party Length of mediation Extra hours per party
Under £10,000 £250 4 hours £75
£10,000 to £100,000 £500/£750 4/8 hours £100
£100,000 to £500,000 £1,000/£1500 4/8 hours £150
£500,000 and over £1,250 4/8 hours £200

The fee is payable at least 36 hours before the date of the mediation and include preparation time.

If there are more than two parties the fee payable may or may not still be per party dependent on the nature of the dispute.

The value of claims and counter claims should be added together to calculate the amount of the claim. If it becomes apparent during the mediation that the value should be higher, Stella reserves the right to increase the fee.

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Stella Parker is an experienced lawyer who mediates civil and commercial disputes with a combination of practical business sense, knowledge of the law and procedure and empathy towards the parties.  She works nationwide more

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