Stella says

“I believe the main reason mediation works is because all the parties and their representatives are present on one day concentrating their minds on the dispute in question with a view to settlement. This often leads to a greater understanding by both parties and their representatives of the issues and obstacles to resolution resulting in a shift in position and a settlement being achieved. To the parties this can also satisfy the need for “the day in court”.”

“As a mediator, it’s vital to not only have extensive knowledge and experience of the law, but also to be able to understand and appreciate both sides of the story.”

“I pride myself on my ability to empathise with the parties and see both sides of the story, yet I’m not afraid of being tough where required to reach a workable solution that will leave both parties reasonably satisfied with the outcome and able to draw a line under the dispute in order to put an end to the time and expense of pursuing the matter to court.”

“Alternative Dispute Resolution works. I am committed to being thorough and practical in my work, leaving no stone unturned and “thinking outside the box” in the search for a mutually acceptable agreement”

Examples of recent cases:


  • Construction dispute. Settled.
  • Contentious Probate dispute. Partially settled.
  • Partnership dispute. Settled.
  • Boundary dispute. Settled.
  • Property ownership dispute. Settled.
  • Contentious Probate dispute. Settled
  • Contentious Probate dispute. Settled

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